Launching Legos

Launching Legos 

Untitled design-36Jeff G started this project in 2015 because he always liked building LEGOs with his older brother, TJ, when he was younger. “TJ would help me figure out how to put them together. I want kids to enjoy building Legos like I used to  and I know how expensive they are so I decided to start Launching Legos. I invited everyone to donate their gently used legos and then we shared them with kids that can’t afford to buy them. It was 
incredible for all of us.”

“My name is Luke and for as long as I can remember I always loved using LEGOs, whether I was building a house or just having fun, I always enjoyed the feeling of excitement you get after you build something amazing. I wanted to lead this project to share my love of building with LEGOs with kids who may have access to them.”

We will create a fun afternoon of building and designing with Legos at the Boys and Girls Yerwood Clubhouse! Some of our partners are the McGivney Center in Bridgeport, Marshall Commons on 200 Ludlow Street, and the Martin Luther King Apartments, 40 Stillwater Rd, Stamford. At most of our events we have had thousands of donated legos of all sizes at 4 tables.  All of the guests normally go home with a bag filled with their legos along with their personal lego creations! Sometimes, we even do a raffle at the end of the event to make it extra exciting for the kids. A big thanks to our partner Stamford Toy Store for the raffle prizes of new legos boxes as well as being our collection point for all the gently used legos!



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