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We are entirely youth-led and have numerous opportunities for you to get involved and we have a lot of fun at the same time. As a student, you can get involved in Kids Helping Kids in a variety of ways. After attending an orientation meeting, you can choose to volunteer at any of our events when you can fit them in your schedule or you can join our ambassador team!

Every project is youth initiated, managed, and led.  Through this process you learn the power that you have to make an impact in the world and how you can help improve the lives of other children. You learn skills that help you achieve your goals and make sound decisions.

By developing leadership and social responsibility, we instill critical knowledge; skills and empathy needed to enable the next generation to flourish. Membership is free and KHK has had over 2,000 kids from 117 schools in our program since 2009.

Our Kids Helping Kids ambassador program allows students to take their passion and turn it into action to help others.  As you plan, initiate and run the projects you simultaneously develop a multitude of leadership skills: Working with others that have differing views, communicating and initiating ideas, speaking in front of a group, project planning, reflecting and making needed changes, delegating, problem solving, developing empathy, having the confidence to take action and enlisting and enrolling others to help you to highlight a few. Come join a team of kids from many different school that come together and make an impact on others as well as yourself!  As an ambassador you can be part of a larger group that is out to make a difference.

Interested in starting a new project? Fill out a KHK New Project Idea!

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See the date for our next orientation meeting! Already been to one but now want to become an ambassador? Just contact us!

Hear from some of our Current Ambassadors

Jordan Benzaken, Interview

Adam Bushwald, Interview

Jackson Lynch, Interview

Beckett Walters, Interview

A partial list of our Ambassadors Graduates 

List of colleges that students currently attend:

Lexi Kelley, Founder – Lafayette College, Interview

Anabel Brown- Dartmouth,  Interview

Casey Benzaken – Northwestern Interview

Allison Frattaroli – Lafayette College, Interview

Megan Hagarty, George Mason, Interview

William Lesoravage, Washington College, Interview

 Ambassadors in the Workforce

Levy Brunette, KJB Consulting, IE Business School, Madrid, Spain

Emma Raggio, Bridgewater, Norwalk, CT, Interview