Thanksgiving Bread Drive

untitled-design-47 November of 2001 was the beginning of the Thanksgiving Bread Bake. Lexi Kelley, before KHK was even formed, started baking loaves of bread at home and selling them for $10 with all proceeds going to help local children in need.  Our first year, we made and sold 50 loaves. We then grew and partnered with a local school kitchen and used their ovens to bake and then 3 years ago partnered with a professional bakery and make our breads in their kitchen.  Our team of kids now make, bake, package and sell over 2,000 loaves every year and this money helps fund all of our youth led service projects.  You can buy them for yourself or we can personally deliver them to families in need on your behalf. We depend on everyone that is part of KHK and that believes in our mission to sell and buy these delicious nut free loaves. 




Get lots of tips from our students!



Join our sales team !


We have many volunteer shifts.   All volunteers need to sell as well and we ask everyone to take a minimum of 16 breads that night! We encourage you to presell and you will see how easy it is! Remind people that they can donate a bread and our Cocoa Committee will deliver those donated loaves to people in need on Nov. 22nd! 

regiterneobuxNovember 16th: (2 shifts: 4-5:30, 5-7pm  We will be labeling all the containers & making posters & get selling tips

regiterneobuxNovember 17th(3 Shifts: 4-6pm and 5-7pm bake, package, posters & distribution; and 7-9pm packaging, posters & distribution)

November 22nd: Cocoa Committee: 9:30-11:30am 12-2pmregiterneobux

screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-8-27-48-pmCocoa Committee: My name is Emma and I created the Cocoa Committee to really connect with the hundreds of people that stand in a very long cold line outside Inspirica waiting for food to make a Thanksgiving meal. While they wait, we give them samples of our KHK pumpkin bread, smiles, conversation and a hot cup of cocoa. Once they picked up their bags, we give them a free loaf and wish them a wonderful holiday. It feels so good to see the people’s face light up both when they are given a warm drink and then later a whole loaf of the best pumpkin bread in Fairfield County. It is also gratifying to be able to see exactly where all the donated breads are going and all the smiles they can create in one day.  Last year we handed out 450 loaves!

 Get excited that the bread bake is here!

Previous Years

2015 Bread Bake  – What a success! Over 2,300 breads made and sold. Over 420 delivered to those in need. See photos from the event here! We were also mentioned in the Stamford Advocate
2014 Bread Bake – We made over 2,000 loaves and donated over 550 to people in need to brighten their holiday. View photos here as well as a video from the day of the bake.
2013 Bread Bake – We sold 2000 loaves and delivered over 355 to local people in need. View photos here.
2012 Bread Bake – It was a success with $1700 raised to get wigs for kids that do not have the financial means to get one. Read more!