On June 10th, KHK hosted our first Tag Sale with Grace at the DOMUS School in Stamford. Our lead ambassador, Grace, a 6th grader, ignited this project and she and the KHK community solicited donations for nearly three weeks. We filled up an entire storage locker with over 3,500 donations in total! Grace and other Kids Helping Kids youth volunteers spent most of the night before transforming the DOMUS cafeteria into the perfect venue for our Tag Sale.

The next day was extremely busy with hundreds of customers from the community coming out to shop! By the end of the day, we raised a grand total of $2,300. All of the proceeds went to Kids Helping Kids and DOMUS. Grace was extremely pleased with her efforts and was not only happy to support KHK and DOMUS, but happy that many of the purchased items went to families in need.  Thank you to everyone who donated items or came out and shopped! Congratulations Grace on a job well done!

See live video from set-up here and from the event here and here

See photos from the event here