Lauren Costello

College: University of Richmond, Class of 2019

Major/Minor: Psychology/Classical Civilizations

Dream job: Child Psychologist

Hobbies: Volunteering, reading, and spin cycle

Interesting fact: I’ve sang in Carnegie Hall three times and will be studying abroad in Ireland this fall!


What will you be doing this summer at KHK?

This summer I will definitely be busy! I will be maintaining KHK’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages,  creating fliers and digital content through Canva, and regularly updating our website! In addition, I also will be writing grants to fund some of our bigger projects such as Gift of Giving and Birthday Bash, as well as interviewing some of our ambassadors. You can also find me at all of our projects this summer taking photos and Facebook live videos!

What have you learned from working with KHK?

Through working with KHK so far, I’ve really learned how easy it is for kids to take their passion and turn it into action to help others! It’s been so inspiring to watch projects being created, implemented, and led by our extremely talented and hard working ambassadors. As someone who grew up with a love for service of others, it’s so awesome to see my own passion similarly present in the next change-makers of my community! Our volunteers prove one thousand times over that you don’t necessarily need to be “big” to make a big difference. It really warms my heart to see to see them in action and know the impact they are making on the children who benefit from their incredible projects!

Why do you think people should volunteer?

I believe it should be mandatory that everyone should give back to their communities! Volunteering makes people feel like they’ve made a tangible contribution, whether it be measured by the hours it took to build a house or clear a garden, or by the smile on a child’s face when you give him/her attention they may not normally receive. Volunteering can be healthy for you, too! Some benefits one receives from giving their time to others is reduced stress levels, a decrease in risk of depression, an increase in brain functioning, and experiencing “The Happiness Effect” from an increased release of dopamine in the brain. But perhaps the most important of all reasons, if you find the right volunteer opportunity for you, volunteering can be so much fun!


Lauren picking up books from Bankwell with Jen B.