By Brooke Lange

As a lover of English and creative writing, I wanted to share that passion with other kids. Earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to create and lead a Creative Writing Workshop with fourth, fifth and sixth grade children at the Boys and Girls Club in Stamford. On the first day, the kids decorated their own composition notebooks which they used to capture their writing for the week. We started off the week learning about haikus and the kids practiced writing their own. In the following days, I taught them about several different types of poetry (acrostic, free verse, rhyming, shape) and storytelling. I saw that for some of the children it was a little out of their comfort zone, but with encouragement from their peers (and the prospect of a snack after), they were soon to jump in.


To inspire the kids in their development as writers, I also shared with them a list of some of my favorite books. These selections were based on interests they each shared throughout the week. They were also allowed to keep their journals and encouraged to keep writing!


I am glad that I had the opportunity to help these children become better writers. They showed immense creativity and bravery in their writing. It is not easy to write in a condensed time period, nor is it easy to share creative writing with peers. These middle school age students were quick learners and surprised me every day with their intelligent interpretations of poetry and wildly imaginative storylines. From teaching them, I learned how valuable it is to go out of my own comfort zone and try new things. They also reminded me that it is important to always be yourself!