Our Model


At Kids Helping Kids (KHK), our mission is to facilitate the development of leadership skills through youth-led service projects. We empower students to have a proactive attitude toward change by taking their passion and turning it into action. Every project is initiated, managed, and led by youth. This unique approach shows students the power they have to make an impact in the world and in the lives of others. KHK is guided by the following model:

  • YOUTH-LED: Adults provide support, but youth are accountable for and genuinely committed to the project’s success. 
  • PASSION INTO ACTION: Youth explore issues they care about and share their personal interests to create purposeful projects that support the community.
  • PLAN, IMPLEMENT and REFLECT: By coaching youth through the stages of project development, KHK helps them to develop 21st Century skills in communication, relationships, collaboration, critical thinking,  decision making, initiative and self-direction.  We align our skills focus with recommendations from CASEL and the Forum for Youth Investment.
  • PARTNERSHIPS: We partner with other reputable and local nonprofit organizations that work to address the needs of children.



Our vision is to help meet the needs of our community while fostering personal growth within our volunteers and teaching them social responsibility. By developing leadership skills and encouraging community engagement, we instill critical knowledge: communication skills and empathy needed to enable the next generation to flourish. As KHK grows, we hope to expand our reach to help kids realize their full potential as leaders and change-makers.


Our staff works closely with every volunteer in order to help them through the project management process and to provide the necessary tools to become a stronger leader. Here is how you can get involved:


1-2 hour opportunities for volunteers to “show-up and serve”. These activities emphasize the importance of volunteerism. There is no planning required, and these events always incorporate a partner, a local organization. Thus, projects often focus on the area of expertise shared by the partner or fulfill a need for the population they serve. Projects change every month, and generally, each event only occurs once. However, if an event is well-liked, its frequency may increase.


Signature Projects are repetitive (annual) and large in scale. Signature Projects are reputable and help define Kids Helping Kids to the greater community. For instance, Gift of Giving is recognizable as a Kids Helping Kids initiative. While many Signature Projects are older and formed KHK’s initial reputation, any project can become a Signature Project if it is well-received and students request its continuation.

  • Hope Day (February)
  • Handled with Car Boutique (April)
  • Pumpkin Bread Bake (November)
  • Gift of Giving (December)

Discover the essence of our quarterly Community Team Building Meetings! These meetings bring together all KHK volunteers for an enriching experience in leadership and a chance to connect with fellow volunteers. It's the perfect occasion to make meaningful connections, share common interests, and strengthen the bonds within our KHK community. Our Community Team Building Meetings are not your typical gatherings – they're a blend of learning and enjoyment. Past meetings have featured exciting activities such as rock climbing, baking sessions, and escape rooms. We believe in adding a touch of fun to our meetings to make each one memorable. Got a fantastic idea for our next meeting location or a unique activity? We welcome your suggestions! Feel free to reach out and contribute to making our Community Team Building Meetings even more extraordinary. Let's build a stronger community together!


  1. To create a safe and inclusive place for youth to work collaboratively to design, lead, or participate in a service project
  2. To empower our volunteers to recognize their unique potential to make an impact
  3. To cultivate the development of these 21st century skills: