Youth Advisory Council

Youth Advisory Council

"Being a part of the YAC is like being a piece in the puzzle. All the YAC members are different, but we all bring ideas and opinions to the table."

What is the Youth Advisory Council?

The YAC is a structured opportunity for high school students to serve in a leadership capacity within KHK, lending youth voice and perspective to our organization.

What do members of the YAC do?

The YAC meets on a regular basis (at least twice a month) to plan upcoming projects and quarterly ambassador meetings. Members of the YAC represent KHK at public relations events and demonstrate initiative, responsibility, and commitment to the core values of KHK.

Who is on the YAC?

Amelia Stone, Age 17

YAC President

Senior, Stamford High School

Hello! My name is Amelia Stone and I have been with Kids Helping Kids for seven years. My favorite Kids Helping Kids Project is the Gift of Giving, as it truly reminds us how important it is to spread holiday cheer and happiness with everyone! Throughout my time with Kids Helping Kids, I have gained so many skills, broadened my horizons, and developed important leadership skills such as talking in front of large crowds of my peers. Now, as a member of the YAC, I can’t wait to do even more for this amazing organization.

Catherine Rogers, Age 17

YAC Vice President

Senior, Lauralton Hall

Hi, my name is Cat Rogers and I have been proudly working with Kids Helping Kids for four years! My favorite event with KHK is the Handle with Care Dress Boutique. It is a wonderful opportunity for kids of any age to come and find their dream dress whether it is for an upcoming prom or just something pretty to wear for a special occasion. It gives me an opportunity to connect with my peers and watch their faces light up when they find their perfect dress. I am excited to plan more fun events like the Handle with Care Dress Boutique and can't wait to start my journey as a new member of the YAC. If you have any questions feel free to contact me or any of the other YAC members at!

Sofia Castañeda, Age 16

YAC Secretary

Junior, Rye Country Day School

Hello, my name is Sofia and I am so excited to be on the YAC! I was introduced to KHK when I led a Spark-A-Project during the summer of 2021. I ran a writing workshop for three weeks with the 6th graders at the Boys and Girls Club. This was my first real introduction to service, in that I was studying issues relating to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and creating a project on my own, instead of participating in a service program that another person or organization ran. This project was very special to me because it revealed to me the wide world of community service; getting my feet wet with this project made me realize that community service is one of my life’s passions. The more I work with KHK, the more I am able to explore the underlying racial and socioeconomic inequalities that contribute to the issues we work with. Additionally, I realize that regardless of what career I pursue, I will pursue it in a way that allows me to continue to work to elevate oppressed populations, and to change our systems and institutions so that there is a future without inequality. KHK is incredibly special to me, and has by far been the pursuit of mine that has most contributed to the development of my public speaking skills and leadership abilities, and has, above all, introduced me to a community filled with people who I know I will have meaningful relationships with for the rest of my life!

Adebayor, Age 18

Senior, Fairfield Prep

Hi, I’m Adebayor Eusebio. I’m currently a Fairfield Prep student that loves to draw, skateboard, and learn about new technology and scientific advancements. I’ve been working with KHK for a couple of years now, and love the experience and influence that it had on me growing up. I am eager about my future involvement in Kids Helping Kids and glad that I am a part of this astonishing community.

Ella MacPherson, Age 17

Senior, AITE

Hello! My name is Ella and I am a high school senior who loves to play tennis, read, spend time out doors, and help my community! I have been apart of Kids Helping Kids for six years. My favorite project is the Handle with Care Dress Boutique because I love giving back to other girls in my community. I look forward to helping to plan this event and many others as a YAC member!

Matt Sgritta, Age 17

Senior, AITE

Hello, my name is Matthew Sgritta, and I have been working with Kids Helping Kids since middle school. I am a senior at AITE, and I enjoy running, cooking and working with my hands. I believe that it is important for those who have to help those who do not have, which is one reason why I love KHK, and grateful for the YAC to give me the opportunity to help people more. Here's hoping for another great year!

Michael Garofalo, Age 17

Junior, WestHill High School

Hi! My name is Michael Garofalo and I am a new member of YAC and I am I junior at Westhill Highschool. Some things I like to do are drawing, computers and video games. I have been with KHK for for quite a few years now and one of my favorite projects has been Gift of Giving. I am excited to continue to grow with KHK and I hope I can help others grow too!  .

Gabriela Coppola, Age 16

Junior, Lauralton Hall

Hello, my name is Gabriela. I am a junior at Lauralton Hall where I play tennis, and participate  actively in several clubs. I was inspired to join Kids Helping Kids during my freshman year, so I could volunteer and make an impact in my local community. I had an opportunity to be the Special Events Coordinator and Program Facilitator as a Summer Intern where I learned more about the KHK mission. After that amazing experience, I was inspired to spark my own baking project which grew my leadership skills. My favorite project that I volunteered at is the Handled with Care Dress Boutique where girls and boys can search through a selection of donated dresses, jewelry and suits for a special occasion and take home what they need. I also enjoy sorting food at Filling in the Blanks because it allows me to collaborate with others and build my teamwork skills. My confidence has significantly grown as a member of the YAC and I am so proud to be a member of this inspiring, youth-led organization!

Bruce Rutherford, Age 16

Senior, Westhill High School

Hi my name is Bruce and I am a Senior at Westhill High School. I have been working with Kids Helping Kids for 3 years now and really enjoy attending the service opportunities. I play baseball for Westhill and Stamford Babe Ruth. I am also a representative on the Student Government at Westhill, which is a similar role to being a YAC member for KHK. In addition to KHK, I interact with my community by attending the Stamford Catholic Youth Group. During the summer, I love to go on vacation with my family in New Jersey.
Livia G

Livia Guzda, Age 17

Senior, AITE

Hello! My name is Livia and I am a new member on the YAC. I am a Junior in high school at AITE. I have been a part of Kids Helping Kids for 5 years now. Some of my favorite projects are the Handled with Care Dress Boutique, Filling in the Blanks, as well as Girls Night In. I hope you will grow to love KHK as much as I do! I am hoping to meet all of you soon!

Rose Onorio, Age 16

Junior, Ursuline School

Hi, my name is Rose. I am a junior at The Ursuline school. I have been with Kids Helping Kids for five years now. I have done many projects with Kids helping Kids and have loved them all, but my favorite is the gift of giving. It's my favorite because its so much fun helping kids pick out gifts for their loved ones and is a great way to spread the joy of the holidays. I am so excited to be on the YAC this year.

Wave Walters, Age 16

Sophomore, The Hopkins School

Hello! I am Wave Walters. I have been involved with KHK since 2nd grade. I am a 9th grader at The Hopkins School, and I am thrilled to be a part of YAC. I have become a more confident public speaker and collaborator through my time volunteering with Kids Helping Kids. My favorite projects are Handled with Care Dress Boutique and The Pumpkin Bread Bake. I love taking photos at the dress boutique because all of the participants are excited to be there and have fun. My brother and I started the Film Crew to document KHK’s events in video and photography. Please contact me if you want to help with the film crew.

Devyn DeSilvia, Age 16

Junior, Greenwich High School

Hello! I am Devyn Desilvia and this is my 3rd year with KHK, and my 1st year being a member of the Youth Advisory Counsel. I began working with KHK when I conducted a Spark-a-Project in the summer of 2021. My project was focused on making friendship bracelets, but most importantly I wanted to teach young children the importance of kindness and camaraderie.  After this experience, I immediately knew I wanted continue this project and my work with KHK. Therefore I continued my project into the winter of 2022. I can’t wait for all the service I will complete in the upcoming year!

YAC in Action