Ambassador Leadership Program


Our Kids Helping Kids ambassador leadership program allows students to take their passion and turn it into action to help others.  As students plan, initiate, and run projects, they simultaneously develop a multitude of leadership skills such as: collaboration, communication and brain-storming, public speaking, project planning,  delegating, problem solving, and developing empathy, and reflecting and implementing changeIf any of these skills interest you, come join us! We will have a kickoff meeting to plan the year in October, then two meetings following in January and April. We also have call-in meetings from the comforts of your home for those who want to join planning teams for different projects. The ambassador program works with all schedules! Our next ambassador meeting will be in October 2017.

Interested in starting a new project? Fill out a KHK New Project Idea!

Community Ambassadors

Do you love volunteering with Kids Helping Kids?

Do you believe in the mission of KHK and the potential we have to make an impact?
Would you like to share your enthusiasm and passion for KHK with other people?
If you answered, Yes to any of these questions, please contact us to inquire about our Community Ambassador Program!
Our Community Ambassadors are reliable and collaborative youth who believe in the mission of KHK and want to share their enthusiasm with prospective members.  We would love to train you to represent KHK at school fairs, orientation meetings, ambassador meetings and community events. If this is something you are interested in, please contact us! We look forward to hearing from you!

Hear from some of our Current Ambassadors

Adam Bushwald, Interview

Jackson Lynch, Interview

Beckett Walters, Interview


A partial list of our Ambassador Graduates 

List of colleges that students currently attend:

Lexi Kelley, Founder – Lafayette College, Interview

Caroline Benjamin – Franklin & Marshall College

Jordan Benzaken – University of California, Berkeley,  Interview

Casey Benzaken – Northwestern University Interview

Anabel Brown- Dartmouth College,  Interview

Gabby Finley – University of Pennsylvania

Allison Frattaroli – Lafayette College, Interview

Megan Hagarty – George Mason University, Interview

William Lesoravage – Washington College, Interview

Christina Landle – Syracuse University

Nicholas Lange – Bucknell University

Maia Luders – Boston University

Emma Tregellas – Duke University


Ambassadors in the Workforce

Levy Brunette, KJB Consulting, IE Business School, Madrid, Spain

Emma Raggio, Bridgewater, Norwalk, CT, Interview