Meet Anabel Brown, co-founder of Hearts and Crafts art program:

School: Darien High School
Year: Class of 2015
Goal in life: Inspire others to be creative and discover their own artistic expression.
Hobbies: Field hockey, squash, and painting.

KHK: What is Hearts and Crafts?
Anabel: Hearts and Crafts is an art program I started this spring, with my friend Danielle Williams, and brought to the after school Youth Center at Inspirica, in Stamford, CT. I really enjoyed teaching the classes, so this summer I began doing more sessions at Neighbors Link, also in Stamford. The more classes I do, the more I realize how fun it is to witness the creative process of others and the happiness it brings them.

KHK: What was your inspiration behind Hearts and Crafts?
Anabel: KHK’s motto of turning passion into action was what inspired me to start Hearts and Crafts. I love creating art whenever I can, and KHK made me realize how I could take my passion and use it to benefit others. I believe art provides an essential creative outlet and should be available to everyone.

KHK: What is the best part about Hearts and Crafts?

Anabel: Seeing how excited the kids are after completing their projects is extremely rewarding. The children are empowered when they explore their innate creativity and produce something they are proud of. Every class is different and exciting. I hope to continue and expand Hearts and Crafts classes so more people can share in the excitement of art!