Arden Lesoravage

School: Trinity Catholic High School

College: American University

Years with KHK:  3 years

How it all started: My brother, Will, is a KHK Ambassador.  Ever since we were little, we always did a lot of volunteer work. In middle school, I was part of community service group called Rachel’s Challenge.  This group was started with the purpose of creating a school environment that is friendly, inclusive and respectful.  I found that I really enjoy helping other people. In addition, I have fun working on the projects and love seeing the results.

Favorite KHK event: Shoe Store and Launching Libraries

I especially loved seeing the smiles when the kids find something they want.  It means a lot to see my work reflected in the community.

What top three skills have helped you to be successful in your personal life?

  1. Working with others
  2. Creating/initiating ideas
  3. Public Speaking

How much do you agree with this statement: My involvement with KHK has strengthened my belief that I have the power to make an impact on another person’s life.

Strongly Agree.  I appreciate that KHK has helped me to connect with other people. I’ve always had a passion for helping others and KHK allows me to take that passion to the next level.

Why would you encourage others to get involved?

There are several reasons why I would encourage others to get involved.  First, volunteering with KHK looks great on your resume because you develop leadership skills. Second, I think it’s important to nurture the enthusiasm I see in kids who want to help others. Lastly, doing something that helps so close to home makes me want to expand my efforts and take it further.