Ambassador: Beckett Walters

School: King

Years with KHK: 3 years, Lead Ambassador of the Film Crew

Passion: Technology

Goal in Life: To be able to do electrical engineering and programming. I want to make technology better, to design new hardware and also program software.

Hobbies: Playing video games, various sports including snowboarding, drumming, making movies and art.

How did you get involved with KHK: My sister, Waverly, is part of KHK and I that is how I learned about it.  The first project I did was to make a volunteer thank you video and my involvement and passion around making videos for KHK grew from there. 

What events have you been a part of since you began volunteering for KHK: A lot. Bread Bake, Gift of Giving, Dress Boutique, Birthday Bash, Apple Workshops, and so many more.

Favorite KHK Event: The Gift of Giving is my favorite KHK event because it is nice to see how we have helped people in need. In addition, I was behind the camera most of the time shooting interviews so I got to hear how the event impacted the people that we helped.

Talk about a few experiences that you’ve had in capturing different KHK events: The best part of filming at different events is that you get to see who the event helped, how the people we helped felt and how it impacted the KHK members, too.

What skills have you learned from working with KHK: I learned that sometimes you need to go outside your comfort zone because if you don’t, you will not grow and this is why I want to make my next movie using new software. In addition, I also learned the power of partnering! The Apple Store loved partnering with us on our Apple Workshops to empower kids to express their ideas through short videos.

Why would you encourage others to get involved: Because it is a great organization and it shows how much you can help people. Being involved has inspired me to use filmmaking skills to do something that can help other people!