Cate Brown

Hometown: New Canaan, CT

School: New Canaan High School

Passion: Dance

Years with KHK: 5

Involved in these KHK projects: Kids Zone, Handled with Care Dress Boutique

Cate has been the co-lead ambassador on the Kid Zone project for several years. She was involved heavily with planning, getting volunteers and creating activities to do at the event. From years of doing this project, Cate is able to know what works and what doesn’t to make the project run as smoothly as possible, and loves the familiarity of returning to co-lead the event every year.

Cate’s leadership skills have grown since joining KHK as a fifth grader through learning how to properly communicate with other people. She feels that being able to communicate is such a necessary skill because in for example, leading a project, you have to be open to other people’s ideas and be able to work together since it’s rare that you will have to work on a project completely by yourself.

Cate would encourage others to get involved with KHK because volunteering makes her feel good about herself knowing that she’s made an impact in her community. She also credits the constant support and encouragement of Executive Director Jenn Kelley as another reason why kids should join. The whole idea of KHK is something that Cate thinks should attract others to volunteer—through KHK one can meet new people and make new friends while going out in the community doing projects to benefit others that are of your choosing and having fun at the same time! “I just think KHK is so special”, she concludes.