Dylan Johnson

Hometown: Stamford, CT

Passion: DJing, giving back to the community

Years Involved: 3

Involved in these projects: Kids Zone, Birthday Bash, Handled with Care Dress Boutique

Dylan heard about KHK at school because Lexi Kelley was a few years ahead of him at St. Luke’s School. He attended an orientation meeting with his friend, Cate Brown, and became hooked.

Dylan’s favorite memory is running Kids Zone at US Day with Cate. He loved seeing all of the kids having fun and creating different projects. He was really move by the significance of US Day in the Stamford community and really was touched by the ability to spread the significance of Marcus’ life to others through performing an act of service for the children who attend.

Dylan believes his leadership skills have grown significantly through working through KHK because he feels that KHK gives its volunteers many opportunities to step up to the challenge and lead. Since KHK is a youth-led organization, its ambassadors and volunteers have the unique ability to run projects almost entirely themselves. Dylan also credits workshops from community partners such as Pepsi with helping him learn how to effectively speak in front of an audience to present, and learn many other skills necessary to be a skilled collaborator.

Dylan thinks that all kids should volunteer because of the feeling one receives after completing an act of service. “Giving back to others”, he says, “makes you feel like you’re a good person and that you’re making a difference.” Dylan concludes that you may never know the significance of the kindness you are showing to another person, and that the ability to make a big difference in someone’s life should lead everyone to spend some time giving back in their communities.