Ellie Donohue

School: Turn of River Middle School

Hometown: Stamford, CT

Years involved with KHK: 5 years

Participated in these KHK projects: Handled with Care Dress Boutique, Bread Bake, Fun with Science, Jumping for Joy, Launching Libraries, Pancake Breakfast, Gift of Giving

Passion: Engineering


Ellie found KHK through her friend, Sarah Volpitta whose mom, board member Donna Volpitta knew executive director, Jenn Kelley. From this, Sarah joined a group of KHK volunteers that had been formed at her elementary school that did projects such as Pancake Breakfast.

Ellie’s favorite project is Pumpkin Bread Bake. She loves to bake for fun with her friends and by herself as a pastime. Her favorite part of the Pumpkin Bread bake is the packaging and selling of the breads and using the industrial sized kitchen at Grade A Shoprite to do so!

Ellie feels she has improved her skills greatly in public speaking, voicing her opinion, figuring out ideas for projects, and connecting with other people. She has really honed her skills through volunteering as a Community Ambassador at Orientation Meetings. She began speaking to a group at an orientation meeting and suddenly did not feel as uncomfortable conveying her thoughts publicly as she used to be. With such opportunities, coupled with the exposure to different people with different interests and abilities, Ellie believes KHK has really helped her to grow her confidence.

Ellie thinks that all kids should volunteer at service projects in their communities because not only does it look great on a resume, it makes you feel great to help other people. She wants everyone to be able to experience the same joy she receives in giving her time and talents to others and bringing happiness to their lives. She especially loves seeing the efforts of her hard work and careful planning of each KHK project pay off in what is always sure to be a successful result.