Gabriella Rivera

Hometown: Stamford, CT

School: Stamford High School

College: University of Connecticut

Passion: Tennis, spending time with friends and family

Years with KHK: 2.5

Participated in these KHK projects: Bread Bake, Gift of Giving, Caring Cards, Handled with Care Dress Boutique, Launching Legos, Smiles for School, and Totally Tennis

Gabriella joined Kids Helping Kids with her older brother, Jordan. She has led the Launching Legos project and because of her passion for tennis, started a collection of tennis equipment to benefit the children at the Stamford Youth Tennis Academy

Her favorite project to date is the Bread Bake. Not only is the bread incredibly delicious , but she enjoys being so hands on in the kitchen. It has also been a great way to sharpen her selling skills!

When thinking about how KHK has made an impact on her, Gabriella credits KHK for helping her to take initiative and follow through, develop her public speaking, and engage the audience in a fun, productive activity. Additionally, Gabriella feels a sense of pride in knowing that what she does can make a big impact in the life of someone else.