Elementary Students

Kindness Corner for Elementary Students

While the majority of KHK projects are for older volunteers, we do offer a handful of age-appropriate service opportunities for our younger future leaders, kids in elementary school grades 1-5.

Do you have an elementary aged student who would like to participate in KHK projects?

Our elementary projects are designed to be fun, accessible ways for children to spread kindness, learn about service, and give some of their time to others. Kids participating in our elementary aged projects will be mentored by our older KHK Ambassadors who know first hand how giving a little can make such a big impact! Check out our elementary aged projects below and sign up for our monthly newsletter to hear about upcoming opportunities for younger children.

Please note: elementary-aged children must have a guardian present at these projects, but we ask that the parents take an observational role and let the kids lead.

Taco Night at Inspirica


Smiles for School


Pumpkin Bread Bake


Kids for Kindness


Gift of Giving


Baking Buddies