Student Volunteers


Middle and High School students are the backbone of our organization! Our unique model allows middle and high school students to develop leadership skills through youth-led service opportunities. We have dozens of different projects throughout the year that you can get involved in and we are always interested in hearing your ideas if you have a new project you would like to launch. Become an ambassador today to develop your leadership skills and make a positive impact on other kids in the community!

Roles for High School and Middle School Students:

Ambassador - has attended an orientation meeting, attends at least three leadership workshops yearly and participates in at least two service projects a year

Community Ambassador - participates in at least four projects a year and acts as a facilitator at orientation meetings or represents KHK at community events

Lead Ambassador - attends three of the four quarterly Ambassador Meetings, participates in at least six projects a year and regularly contributes to project planning or leads/has led  at least one project

Youth Advisory Council - students in 9th grade and up who have been with KHK for at least four years OR have led 3 or more projects.  YAC members meet twice a month to plan large-scale service projects, the spring celebration, fundraising events and ambassador meetings. They are frequently called upon to represent KHK at PR events and lead group discussions at the cornerstone projects. YAC members commit to attending three of the four cornerstone projects each year. The YAC must be committed to the success and growth of KHK.

As a way to recognize the volunteers who take pride in advocating for our organization, Kids Helping Kids collaborated with Beachball students from UCONN to develop a series of animations that highlight our community and achievements. Click through the video below to hear directly from our volunteers! Explore our hashtag to learn more!
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While the majority of KHK projects are for older volunteers, we do offer a handful of age-appropriate service opportunities for our younger future leaders, kids in elementary school grades 1-5. Our elementary projects are designed to be fun, accessible ways for children to spread kindness, learn about service, and give some of their time to others. Kids participating in our elementary-aged projects will be mentored by our older KHK Ambassadors who know first hand how giving a little can make such a big impact! Check out our elementary-aged projects below and sign up for our monthly newsletter to hear about upcoming opportunities for younger children.

Please note: elementary-aged children must have a guardian present at these projects, but we ask that the parents take an observational role and let the kids lead.

Ready to get started?

Whether you are in high school, middle school or elementary school, we would love to have you be a part of our KHK team! Learn more about what it means to be a KHK ambassador by attending one of our monthly orientation meetings. Click the "JOIN US" button to sign up for one of our 50-minute orientation meetings (mandatory before attending a project) to learn how you can get involved today!

"As an ambassador with Kids Helping Kids, I have gained invaluable leadership skills like accountability, public speaking and having the confidence to take action. Not only do I enjoy helping others, but I also enjoy working with other kids my age who feel passionate about it as well. Recently, I have been proud to be a part of a committee to lead our ambassador meetings. This role has allowed me to step up and lead break out groups in focused, purposeful discussions. I am proud to be part of Kids Helping Kids."

Tommy Alvarez
KHK Graduate Ambassador