Graduate Ambassadors and Interns

Where Are They Now?


A partial list of our Ambassador Graduates

List of colleges that students currently attend


Lexi Kelley, Founder – Lafayette College, Interview

Caroline Benjamin – Franklin & Marshall College

Jordan Benzaken – University of California, Berkeley,  Interview

Casey Benzaken – Northwestern University Interview

Anabel Brown- Dartmouth College,  Interview

Gabby Finley – University of Pennsylvania

Allison Frattaroli – Lafayette College, Interview



Megan Hagarty – George Mason University, Interview

William Lesoravage – Washington College, Interview

Christina Landle – Syracuse University

Nicholas Lange – Bucknell University

Maia Luders – Boston University

Emma Tregellas – Duke University

Reilly Marzen – Elon University

Emily Pritchard – Fordham University



Ambassadors in the Workforce

Levy Brunette, KJB Consulting, IE Business School, Madrid, Spain


Emma Raggio, Bridgewater, Norwalk, CT, Interview


Previous Interns

Casey Benzaken (Northeastern University) Summer 2017, Interview

Lauren Costello (University of Richmond) Summer 2017, Interview