Hearts and Crafts

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My name is Sophia  and I created Happiness in a Jar to help cheer someone up when they are having a tough day.  During this project we will work with a group of 2nd and 3rd graders and help them decorate and personalize their own mason jars. We will encourage them to remember things that make them smile. things they love doing, and things that they are grateful for.  When they are having a tough day they will be able to pull out one of the pieces of paper in their Happiness Jar and hopefully it will cheer them up!  Want to help with this inspiring project ? We have this a few times a year and the next date is coming soon. Frequently we partner with the Boys & Girls Club of Stamford Yerwood Unit, 90 Fairfield Avenue, Stamford. Date & Registration coming soon! See photos of the last project.

2014-2015 Anabel Brown, lead ambassador and founder of this project series graduated and is now at Dartmouth.  My name is Anabel and I was inspired by our own experiences with art as a young kid and art’s important role in creative growth. As a young kid, I always found happiness and comfort in art and would love to share that with others. This workshop is an art program designed to provide kids with a fun activity that is centered around providing therapeutic, comfort, and release. Our KHK projects will encourage kids to express themselves and expand their creative development in a relaxed environment. I plan to help kids along as they engage in our projects.  Come help with the homework then do our art projects!

First six workshop started on April 22, 2014 and headed into August 2014 at Inspirica and NeighborsLink. Dec 8 & 9 was for the holiday photo and frames event! Visit our photo galley to see all the ones we have had since this project started