Hearts & Crafts

Hearts & Crafts is a project that was started by KHK Graduate Ambassador, Anabel Brown. When we asked why she was inspired to spark-a-project, she replied:

“KHK’s motto of turning passion into action was what inspired me to start Hearts and Crafts. I love creating art whenever I can, and KHK made me realize how I could take my passion and use it to benefit others. I believe art provides an essential creative outlet and should be available to everyone.”

Now, several years later we continue Anabel’s project and help foster artistic creativity by developing an arts & crafts project that all children can participate in. Usually, the idea stems from an activity that the lead ambassador really enjoys. This summer, we will be bringing Hearts & Crafts to the children who live at an affordable housing complex in Stamford. While we are there, our volunteers will engage the children in fun, hands-on activities such as coloring, making beaded necklaces, rainbow loom bracelets and working with play-doh. Our objective is to really have fun with our guests so that they valued and special.

All KHK volunteers are encouraged to attend! If you are in elementary school, please plan to attend with a parent. We ask parents and children to register at the link below. Don’t forget to wear your KHK T-shirt.


Date: Saturday, July 27th
Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 p.m.
Location: Marshall Commons Apartments
                                                                                            200 Ludlow Street, Stamford