Helping Kids Learn to Negotiate

Psychology Today say kids can learn how to negotiate with 6 keys skills. Not all children find it easy or natural to find a solution, and some have family traditions that keep them in a “retreat” mode, or in a “battle until you win” mode. I think they can learn, but it’s easier for some. This relates to Harvard University Professor Robert Kegan’s stages of development.  It’s important to appreciate different points of view when both make sense.

Going for the all or nothing may lead to disaster for everyone. Some kids also have a natural tendency to see the perspective of another person, and to bring up options for mutual gain.  Some children need an experience with a mentor that helps them use more creativity and they can grow beyond their own family or cultural traditions and develop their own thinking. I firmly believe that kids are capable of learning to negotiate. Literature and books also inspire children to make changes in their own thinking. Sometimes children build new friendships and want to actually change as they understand their own interests and the interests of others. These suggestions will give parents and teachers a platform to begin a negotiation and to help mentor kids to come to a solution that may be separate from the original conflict; however, a solution to find a new way of thinking that will help all kids in relationships.  More

Research done by Christian Lesoravage, 8th grade KHK intern