Meet Reilly Warble

What is your favorite memory or experience with KHK?

Definitely has to be joining the Yerwood Center for their Christmas feast. It was amazing: 300 kids dancing, eating, playing, and singing all in the gym. I remember playing tag with a couple of the kids and just having the best time. It was the perfect example of a community all together!


What are the most important skills you have gained/developed from KHK?

The most important skill I gained from being apart of Kids Helping Kids is my communication. KHK gave me the confidence to speak out and up when I want to share my ideas.


How has KHK given you the power to make a positive impact on another person’s life?

Freshman year I really wanted to volunteer somewhere but did not know any organization. I was really bummed, but then I met KHK going into Sophomore year. They gave me the opportunity to not only volunteer, but help the community in a fun way: Sports Day/ Kick it with Kids.


Why would you encourage others to get involved with KHK?

I would encourage others to get involved with KHK because you get a great feeling after spending time with less fortunate children and young adults. Plus, the kids are so excited to see you. I will always remember the smiles of all those kids in the gym when Johan and I walked in with a soccer ball. It is a surreal sight.