Jackson Lynch

Age: 13

School: Cario Middle School, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Years with KHK:  18 months

How it all started:

Jackson was formerly a resident of Monroe, Connecticut.  He noticed that the town next to his, Bridgeport, needed some help so he and his mother, Danielle, started a KHK Chapter in Monroe to serve the residents of Bridgeport. This chapter is still gong strong even though we moved.  I really miss KHK and I am now thinking of starting a KHK chapter here in South Carolina.”

Favorite KHK event: Spring Sports Drive

Last year, Jackson had the idea to lead a spring sports collection drive.  He, along with the Monroe chapter of KHK, collected cleats, balls, helmets, shin guards and everything you can imagine for children participating in sports.  We had a large group of underserved kids that got to have sporting items that they never would have had otherwise.

What skills have you learned from KHK?

“Working with underserved children has helped me realize how fortunate I am. My self-confidence has also gone up. KHK has helped me to be more assertive and to communicate in an effective manner.”

Why would you encourage others to get involved?

“It’s always great to help others. The feeling you get when you know you have made someone else’s day better is amazing and then hopefully they go on and pass that along to someone.”