Meet Jennifer Edward

School: Westhill High School
Year: Graduating in 2015
Goal in life: To be successful in the fashion field and to not let my emotions hold me back.
Hobbies: Working, running, and reading.
Interesting fact: Writing is my escape from problems on earth.


How did you get involved with KHK?
I got involved with Kids Helping Kids through Jennifer Kelly. I met her when I was volunteering at the Yerwood Center back in 2013.

Explain your experience during the Cuts for Cause:
I was able to open up about my Alopecia to complete strangers, which provided me with confidence I needed. It was more of a life changing experience because I received funds for a new wig and made a lot of connections.

What have you learned from working with KHK?
I have learned that making a commitment to stay involved will impact your life. Always help others so others can help you. I learned that emotions should not take over you and that you should allow yourself to strive for the better and aim for success.

Has KHK inspired you? How? 
I will no longer make myself feel like an outcast. I will stand up and speak about my Alopecia and embrace it because I am a human who defines beauty. In high school I was so emotional and negative, but once I started hanging out with the right people in KHK I began to change my whole demeanor on life. I would one day like to take Cuts for a Cause and create it as an organization aimed to create wigs for people battling hair loss. With KHK, will achieve this.

How do you think KHK is benefiting the community? 
KHK is helping the community through the hardships. They help girls get dresses and go to prom as well as provide kids with a ton of gifts for Christmas. Unlike build on, KHK aims to help everyone not just the people in need.

What advice would you give to kids thinking of getting involved with KHK? 
Open yourself to an opportunity to devote your time to help someone like you. Everyone is dealing with something but some are able to hide it, while others can’t. When you decide to help make a change, you’ll realize that things will get better.