Julia Lombardi

What leadership skills (that you learned at KHK) helped you navigate college?

I learned many leadership skills during my years as a volunteer for Kids Helping Kids. These skills include; teamwork, communication, public speaking, helping others, and thinking outside of the box. All these skills have helped me evolve not only as a person but as a student in college as well. KHK taught me to browse out of my comfort zone and expand my imagination. Due to the skills I have developed at KHK, I have no issue presenting in front of my classmates, stopping to converse with people while walking on campus, and sharing my ideas with others. These leadership skills benefit me in my everyday life to become the best version of myself. I have been motivated by seeing others’ leadership roles and becoming inspired to be a leader myself. For example, KHK taught me that the most important characteristic one can endure, is kindness. With kindness, anyone can be and do anything they want. I use kindness in my personal life to make friends, stay positive when college can get stressful, and make other people’s days brighter.

Can you share your favorite KHK project or memory?

My favorite KHK project is the annual Thanksgiving Bread Bake. This event not only motivated me to help out the community, but it also gave me an opportunity to build relationships with others, share my ideas, and have fun with others. I not only created the best friendships from this event, but it also caused me to learn the importance of the KHK organization, which is giving back.

Did you continue service while in college? If out of college, do you participate in community service?

I am part of Greek Life at Sacred Heart University. Being in a sorority has offered me plenty of opportunities to become a leader and give back to others. I currently use my leadership ideas learned from KHK in my sorority life. I participate in community service in college by hosting events for my sorority’s philanthropy which is Breast cancer education and awareness. We host events such as Dodge For a Cure, which is a dodgeball game that my school’s Greek life organizations participate in to raise money for Breast cancer survivors and patients. We have plenty of events throughout the year that students and people participate in for the good cause.