Name: Kayla Rocha

School: Greenwich Academy

Hometown: Stamford

Years with KHK: 7

Participated in these KHK Projects: Since joining in 2012, Kayla has participated in all of the KHK Projects! She most recently joined us for the Jumping for Joy Project at Get Air.

How did you get involved in KHK?

Jenn Kelley, who was my neighbor at the time, introduced me to Kids Helping Kids. She and Lexi were working on a project and invited me to join them. I was in second grade when I started and have been with KHK for seven years. Since then I have become an ambassador and have participated in many of the projects, as well as help to initiate collection drives at my school.

Do you have a favorite KHK project or memory?

 My favorite KHK project is the Bread Bake. I like when we bake the bread and donate it to the residents at the homeless shelter. I also like the Gift of Giving, our annual holiday event. It’s amazing to see how many kids we serve with that one project. I love that the kids are able to shop for gifts for their siblings and parents at no charge.

 How have you been able to develop or practice your leadership skills through KHK?

KHK has definitely helped me to develop my public speaking skills. I’m going into high school next year and I know I will be required to do more of that, so I’m glad KHK pushes me to speak up.

Why would you encourage others to get involved with KHK?

Community Service is really important to me. It’s something I learned at an early age; my mom always encouraged us to look for ways to help and support others. I also think it’s a really good feeling to help someone.  The last project I attended, Jumping for Joy, was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed spending time with the first graders. I feel like community service should not be considered a chore, but something that can be fun and meaningful.