Keeping Up with KHK Intern:   Emma Raggio

Age: 24

Hometown: Fairfield, CT

College: Tufts University, Boston,  Class of 2013

Employed by: Bridgewater Associates, Westport, CT

Years with KHK:  4 years

How it all started:  While home for the summer, Emma usually juggled several jobs tutoring, babysitting and helping out at a local pottery studio.  Inspired by her study of socially conscious enterprises, Emma decided to switch gears and sought an internship with a non-profit organization.  A quick Google search led her to Kids Helping Kids and after an introductory e-mail, Emma and Jennifer Kelley worked together to build the business structure of Kids Helping Kids.  Together, they authored the organization’s mission statement, business plan, and developed the marketing of KHK.  Emma put together KHK’s first brochure and the initial press releases.  She wrote proposals for grants and shared the necessity of measuring certain variables to determine the organization’s effectiveness and success.  Based on Emma’s observation, she relayed to Jenn that another level of leadership was needed in order to meet the ideas and project objectives of the growing number of KHK volunteers.  Consequently, the ambassador program was born! KHK Ambassadors are now responsible for the successful execution of a youth led project.  Team members work together to recruit volunteers, design a project, create the goals and objectives, assign tasks, launch the project and then reflect on the outcome.  There is no doubt that Emma has been instrumental in building KHK.

How KHK has served Emma:
After graduating from college, Emma thought long and hard about what her next steps would be.  She says that Jenn was a tremendous resource for her and helped her narrow down her field of interest.  Jenn was able to point her in the right direction and help Emma get interviews with esteemed firms/corporations.  Their relationship has grown from a business partnership to a genuine friendship.  Emma continues to be involved with KHK helped plan the first alumni event for high school seniors and graduates and shared the importance of staying connected to KHK.