Keeping up with the KHK Ambassadors – Tommy Alvarez

NameTommy Alvarez

 Age: 16

 School: Trinity Catholic High School

 Hometown: Stamford

 Years with KHK: 2

 Participated in these KHK projects: Bread Bake, Birthday Bash, Gift of Giving, Caring Cards, Feed My Starving Children Food Packing, Taco Night


How did you get involved in KHK?

 My friend, Collin, asked me to attend the Birthday Bash with him. While I was there, I really fell in love with KHK and what we were doing. There is nothing better than to celebrate a child’s life and make him feel special on his birthday! It was at that point that I really fell in love with KHK.

Do you have a favorite KHK project or memory?

 I enjoy all of the KHK projects but the two that mean the most to me are the Birthday Bash and the Gift of Giving.  I feel like these projects bring a lot of joy to the children who attend. At the Gift of Giving, I like working with the kids to see what they select for their family members. It’s nice that they can also experience the joy of selecting a gift to share at Christmas.

How have you been able to develop or practice your leadership skills through KHK?

 With KHK, I’ve been able to work on projects on a larger scale than anything I’ve ever done before. It has allowed me address one of my personal goals, which is to help others. I feel very strongly that helping others is an important part of life and I am glad KHK gives me the opportunity to do that.

Why would you encourage others to get involved with KHK?

 In my opinion many hands make light work. With a lot of help, we can make a greater impact and affect more children in the community.