KHK Team

Jennifer Kelley: Executive Director

She is passionately dedicated to making a difference in the community and collaboratively fostering future leaders. After her daughter, Lexi, came up with the idea of creating a platform for kids to make a difference in the community around their passions, she helped Lexi form KHK in June 2009 where she is currently serves as the executive director. She also has a Masters in the Art of Teaching.

Jennifer Bentley: Program Director

Jen B. joins KHK with the objective of promoting volunteer development, program growth and administration.  She is a huge advocate of service learning and is excited to be fostering this initiative in children.  You can find her working with the kids on a project or developing ideas to cultivate leadership skills and expand the reach of Kids Helping Kids.
Lexi Kelley: Founder

Lexi now attends Lafayette College where she is pursuing an International Affairs Major with a Minor in Chinese.  She is head of Philanthropy at Pi Phi at Lafayette.  She continues to guide and be very involved in KHK while she is at school. To learn more about Lexi click here.


Lauren Costello: College Intern

Lauren is an incoming junior at the University of Richmond majoring in Psychology and minoring in Classical Civilizations. Lauren is a Peer Wellness Coach at her university and volunteers during the school year with Camp Kesem. She comes to KHK with knowledge in Social Media, WordPress, and loves working with children. Through working with KHK this summer, Lauren hopes to learn more about how a non-profit operates and to further promote a sense of leadership and service in the children of her community.


Meet our 2017 Student Interns

Jason Albert:  Freshman in High School

I will be focusing on inputting information on survey monkey and analyzing the data.  I applied to become an intern because I am not only becoming more involved with KHK, but I like the idea of helping out with technology. I believe that it is very important to be involved with an organization like this because it helps others, while also helping the volunteers with skills like leadership, confidence, and respect. I will gain many skills and further strengthen the ones I already have through KHK. Every little bit of help can make a huge difference in someone’s life!

Tyler Marzen: Freshman in HIgh School

I love technology and I have helped KHK transfer over their web content to a new word press web platform.  I have also been involved in organizing the data process of keeping track of current and past volunteers using constant contact. In addition, I am a lead ambassador for the Quarterly Birthday Bash event.

Christian Lesoravage: 8th grade

I also like technology and want to learn more about how a nonprofit organization runs so I am looking to do many different things that KHK needs. I will be inputting information through survey monkey to track our volunteer and ambassador feedback. I will also be doing research to document how youth led service impact our community and the volunteers themselves. In addition, I will be looking for ways to structure and improve our monthly orientation meetings by attending and getting feedback from the guests.



Words from graduate interns ~Read what impact KHK has had in her life! 

Megan Hagarty: Freshman in College

Kids Helping Kids has strengthened my people skills. Before joining, I could not imagine standing in front of a large group of kids and teenagers and being able to confidently speak and express my ideas. I was always the girl who knew the answer to a question or had an idea, but was too afraid to raise her hand during class. Kids Helping Kids has boosted my confidence and leadership skills. I never thought I would be able to run a project and organize a group of people, but KHK has taught me that even the quietest and shiest people have a voice. When I came to Kids Helping Kids, I did not know anyone, except my brother, and over the past few years working with Kids Helping Kids, I have made several friends that I am always excited to see whenever I attend meetings or events. Kids Helping Kids is a once in a lifetime experience that not only helps people in the community, but also helps people personally by bringing out the best in them. I recommend you get involved and see why I am so passionate about KHK!

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