Name: Kimmy Olvany

Hometown: Darien, CT

School: Darien High School

Passion: Being around other people

Years involved with KHK: 2

Participated in these KHK projects: Gift of Giving, Ambassador Meetings, Giving Day, Birthday Bash, Handled with Care Dress Boutique

Kimmy found KHK through a volunteer fair at her school. She attended an orientation meeting where she met Jenn Kelley and they bonded really quickly. Jenn took Kimmy under her wing and encouraged to get involved with a lot of our projects.

Kimmy’s favorite project was the Gift of Giving. She was one of the lead ambassadors for the project and really liked the idea of it. She likes the idea that kids in the community could come and shop for gifts for other people. She loved that it was a huge event with a ton of people. Organizing and setting up all of the gifts in the Boys and Girls Club was really fun and the buildup in the community leading up to the project made it really exciting. Kimmy’s favorite KHK memory is helping the kids at Inspirica at Birthday Bash. She says, “Immediately when you walk in to the room, they all come up to you and give you hugs! They want to be around you and play games with you and it’s all so fun”

Being involved with KHK has helped Kimmy become a better leader because the message of the entire program is to have youth-led service which means that the kids take control of everything. Asking questions and being directly involved with planning pushes Kimmy to keep asking herself what she thinks should happen instead of relying on the advice of adults. Kimmy has also learned how to take initiative, “You don’t have to be an adult to organize and plan these big projects, I you can make a difference even at my age.”