Launching Legos

My name is Jeff and I have always liked building LEGOs with my older brother, TJ, when I was younger. He would help me figure out how to put them together. I want kids to enjoy building Legos like I used to  and I know how expensive they are so I decided to start Launching Legos. I would like to invite everyone to donate their gently used legos so we can share them with kids that can not afford to buy them.

We partner with Stamford Toy Store and we are collecting gently used and new legos for kids in Stamford and Bridgeport. Launching Legos project allows kids the opportunity to develop their creativity and imagination. Want to help us collect gently used legos? Watch for our next Collection at the Stamford Toy Store, 970 High Ridge Rd, Stamford, CT 06905.

Last project was on July 9th from 11 – 12:15 at the Martin Luther King Apartments, 40 Stillwater Rd, Stamford and at the McGiveny Community Center, 338 Stillman Street, Bridgeport. We had a fun afternoon of building and designing with Legos – Dates to come soon for the fall!