Launching Libraries at Davenport Ridge School

Did you know that children with limited access to books may perform lower on literacy tests or even regress a few reading levels?  This is known as the summer slide and educators nationwide encourage all students to read daily for at least 30 minutes.  Thanks to a generous grant from Pitney Bowes, KHK collected at least 2,000 books and distributed them to the elementary students at Davenport Ridge School.  After meeting with the fifth graders last month, several of them agreed to organize the Launching Libraries project with the support of the school administrators and media specialist.  The fifth graders spent several weeks sorting the books and then putting them on rolling carts by grade level.  Then, during the second week in June, they went to each classroom where children could select at least two books. Thank you, Pitney Bowes for helping us share a love of reading!