Name: Luke Borrero

Hometown: Wilton, CT

School: Wilton High School

Passion: Graphic Design

Years Involved with KHK: 1

Participated in these KHK projects: Launching Legos, Gift of Giving, Bread Bake

Luke became involved in KHK after searching for community service organizations that he could get involved in. Launching Legos is Luke’s favorite project because not only is it really fun, but he gets to help out the kids with making Lego creations of their choosing and looking for the perfect piece!

His favorite KHK memory is from when he led Launching Legos for the first time. He did a raffle at the end of the event but then realized that it was another child’s birthday. Luke decided to give the child a Lego figure, too, and the excited reaction of the child to receive such a present has stuck with him since!

Luke remarks that KHK has taught him how to be a better leader and how to develop leadership skills, such as how to run and manage an event on your own. From honing these skills, Luke observes that he has become more assertive and confident, both as a lead ambassador and in his everyday life.