Name: Marco Volpitta

Hometown: Pound Ridge, NY

School: St. Luke’s School

Passion: Helping other people

Years Involved with KHK: 6

KHK projects: Knowing Growing, Launching Legos, Fun with Science, Launching Libraries, Bread Bake, Tech Time

Marco got involved with KHK when he was very young with his sister, Sarah. Marco’s favorite KHK memory is the Bread Bake. Originally when the project started out, KHK volunteers made the breads themselves in a home kitchen verses the industrial kitchen we use now. It was a lot of fun for Marco because he and other volunteers got to use professional equipment and see the bread that they made be sold or donated to people in the community.

With leading the Knowing Growing Project, Marco has really improved on his communication skills. Since it is a small project with a lot of volunteers, it was important for Marco to be able to coordinate a lot of different people on a lot of different days and effectively give directions to those people when needed.

Marco would encourage others to get involved in KHK because he feels that through volunteering and helping other people, you are also helping yourself. Not only is giving back a great way to help other people, but it is also a good way to improve your leadership abilities in a variety of fields. The leadership skills one develops at KHK can be applied almost anywhere—in school, in work, or in everyday life—and it is always beneficial to continue to grow and develop them by putting yourself in situations where such skills are a necessity.