Maureen Ferrer

Hometown: Stamford, CT

School:  J. M. Wright Technical High School

Passion: Cooking

Years involved with KHK: 3

Participated in these KHK projects: Gift of Giving, Handled with Care Dress Boutique

Maureen’s favorite project is the Dress Boutique because of the message it promotes. It was awesome for Maureen to see all of the girls from the city come in to shop for a beautiful dress. She fondly remembers how shopping for dresses made the girls so happy and it made them feel good about themselves.

Through KHK, Maureen’s leadership skills shone through her position as lead ambassador of Gift of Giving and Handled with Care Dress Boutique. She had to learn how to manage the volunteers and assign tasks for them to complete, how to properly fit all of the items in the space. Maureen feels that from this her abilities to lead among her peers and problem solve have greatly improved since joining KHK.

Maureen would encourage others to join KHK because it is a great way to get involved with your community and acquire useful skills such as leadership because everyone will need those skills to work with any group of people on any type of project. Through working with organizations like KHK, Maureen suggests that kids become better collaborators in the future from their sharing of ideas about projects as ambassadors.