Keeping Up with the KHK Ambassadors:   Jordan Benzaken

High School: Westhill High School

Years with KHK:  4 years

Passionate about:  Karate, Traveling Abroad, Giving back to the community

How it all started:

Jordan has been training at the DoJo in Stamford for the past ten years.  She met Lexi Kelley, also a karate student, at the DoJo and it was Lexi who introduced her to KHK.

Favorite KHK Event: Sports Day Feb. 12, 2016

Jordan’s love of karate inspired her to continue the tradition of a KHK Sports Day.  Held at the Boys & Girls Club, Jordan coordinated and managed an event for over 100 third grade students on Feb. 12, 2016.   A team of black belt students from the DoJo, led a demonstration of basic karate moves (step kicks, eight blocks, jab cross with palm strikes, board breaks) for the participants and helped them practice each step. Sports Day is Jordan’s favorite KHK event because she can share what she loves with children who may not have the opportunity to do karate.  When I asked her what her fondest memory was, she stated, “I love working with KHK because of the impact it has on children.  One of the kids at the Sports Day event gave me a hug after he broke the board.  It was really sweet.”

Where does Jordan’s spirit of giving come from?

“My parents.  They are kind and they have taught me valuable lessons.  I also look up to my sister.  She is most kind, most generous person I know.”

What will Jordan be doing this summer?

Jordan loves to travel and has plans to travel to India this summer with a friend.  Her intention is to build a library in a children’s hospital.