Meet KHK DJ, Adam Buchwald


We interviewed KHK DJ, Adam Buchwald and his father, Scott, about their experiences with KHK. Read more below…


School: Weston Middle School
Year: 8th Grade
Goal in Life: I want to be a Professional DJ and help others
Hobbies: DJ, Sports and Technology
Interesting Fact:  I started to love music during summer camp and started DJ’ing in 6th Grade

How did you get involved with KHK? A friend recommended the organization to me. It seemed like a good way for me to play my music and also help others in need.

You enjoy DJing, and have DJ’d at multiple Kids Helping Kids Events. Talk about a few experiences that you’ve had:  Some children at the events I played at never had a live DJ or music! It was very exciting to see their smiling faces and interest in my music as they were exposed to music for the first time! I remember a small kid who always sat next to me during my first birthday bash at the shelter. He asked questions and became my little helper when I did their birthday parties. Some recent events I have done that were very successful was the birthday bash at the shelter, raising money for a rare hair disease, and an annual backpack event at the Stamford police station. I plan to do many more events in the near future.

What have you learned from working with KHK?  I learned that it is really rewarding to help others, especially the less fortunate. This organization teaches me life lessons. It also helps me gain more confidence in approaching new situations at various events.

Has KHK inspired you? How? Yes! KHK inspired me to find the time to perform charitable events.

What advice would you give to kids thinking of getting involved with KHK? The advice I would give to others is to find a way to do what you enjoy best and at the same time helping others who are less fortunate. For example, I brought my DJ services to Kids Helping Kids.


How do you think KHK is benefiting the community? KHK is a phenomenal organization that is giving back to the less fortunate in our community and providing insight to the KHK members about the “real world.” What I love most about KHK is that it teaches the kids life lessons and that they are 100% responsible and accountable for running events not their parents.

How has it helped Adam grow as an individual? KHK has absolutely embraced Adam and has been so appreciative to have him in the KHK family. It helped his confidence, allowed him to meet new friends and most importantly makes him so happy when he is DJ’ing KHK events.