Meet William Lesoravage, KHK Ambassador

Age: 18

School: Trinity Catholic High School

Years with KHK:  5 years

How it all started:  Initially, I was looking for an organization where I could accrue community service hours as a requirement for my religious education class.  I wanted to work with younger kids, so I was especially excited to join Kids Helping Kids. I started working with them and it was so much more than just getting service hours!

Favorite KHK event:  Birthday Bash  This event is held quarterly at a local homeless shelter.  I particularly appreciate that I get to spend time with children who otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to celebrate their birthday.  We put up decorations, play games and serve pizza and cake and make them feel like they matter.

What top three skills you have developed during your time at KHK that have helped you to be successful in your personal life?

  1. Public speaking
  2. Planning/Organizing an event
  3. Reflecting and receiving feedback to improve

How much do you agree with this statement: My involvement with KHK has strengthened my belief that I have the power to make an impact on another person’s life.  I strongly agree.

Why would you encourage others to get involved? KHK empowers me to make a difference.  I’ve seen firsthand that when you concentrate your efforts on one specific objective, it makes world of difference.