Mia Labriola

What leadership skills (that you learned at KHK) helped you navigate college?

Being part of KHK really helped to solidify my communication, collaboration, and networking skills. KHK events such as the annual Bread Bake provided me with opportunities to learn how to work with both my peers and adults from an early age, which helped me easily transition into university-level discussions and dialogues. I was even able to learn customer service and problem-solving skills through KHK at the Gift of Giving events. These skills were an incredible asset to me as I was applying to college, and they continue to aid me during job interviews. My favorite KHK event has always been the Bread Bake. I really enjoy seeing how the community comes together every year to bake and sell as much as possible for such a great cause, and it’s something I’m grateful to have been a part of. Currently, I’m in the Global Scholars program at American University where I mentor incoming students, and I plan on doing some more volunteering throughout this coming semester. In the future, I would love to have an alumni network, like a LinkedIn or a Facebook group, to facilitate connections between alumni and potential job/internship opportunities.