Nicole Ayioub

What leadership skills (that you learned at KHK) helped you navigate college?

I learned that age is no barrier between the self and opportunities we can achieve. When we take a moment and take a step back, we can finally see the resources at hand. Learning to embrace these opportunities involves risk taking; when I learned to take risks and apply my own unique qualities – whether it be helping out at KHK events or creating one myself – I think a key skill began to develop. Now that I am in college, I can further apply it. KHK does the annual pumpkin bread sale. While I, of course, enjoyed baking and packaging the breads, I wanted to do more. As a result, I decided to sell bread and recruit volunteers on my high school campus. I beneficially learned that there you can always go a step further. In both the context of the event and in all walks of life, I believe creativity and dedication are two key leadership skills. Through KHK, I was not only able to discover this ability, but I beneficially applied it to my own personal life.

Can you share your favorite KHK project or memory?

In addition to the annual pumpkin bread sale, I really enjoyed the dress boutique. No matter what somebody enjoys doing –helping girls find their dresses, doing makeup, marketing the event, or simply setting up – there is an opportunity for everyone. Given that I was in middle school – a time when I could not wait until my own prom – this event was that much more exciting. Seeing the look of utter pleasure and excitement in these girls’ eyes was and will always be so memorable.