Nicole Pritchard

What leadership skills (that you learned at KHK) helped you navigate college?

The main leadership skill KHK taught me as a kid was confidence in myself and what I have to say. KHK pushed me to talk to so many different people even when I wasn't necessarily comfortable with it.Confidence in myself and my ability to talk to others has benefited me so much in college. I am now able to go to events and network and talk to others in order to further my career.

Can you share your favorite KHK project or memory?

My favorite KHK memory is helping sort out the Gift of Giving stuff every year. My whole family would go almost every day and I just remember having so much fun seeing all the stuff and doing it with friends and family!

Did you continue service while in college? If out of college, do you participate in community service?

Yes, I am currently a Media Relations Representative at my college helping with the social media platforms for a nonprofit.  I am currently raising money and volunteering my time for the non profit UDance at my school. We raise money every year for local kids with cancer and then have a 12 hour dance marathon at the end of the year.