Noor Rekhi

What leadership skills (that you learned at KHK) helped you navigate college?

KHK helped me become more confident, develop my creative thinking skills, and learn how to be a self-starter. KHK taught me how to take initiative and how to think creatively. At UChicago, I was treasurer for my house, which is a community of around 120 people within a dorm. In the role, I had to come up with new ways to fundraise so that we could have a budget to plan fun events for the house.

Can you share your favorite KHK project or memory?

My sister and I started a creative writing class for elementary and middle school students which we taught at the Boys and Girls Club and over Zoom during Covid. My favorite memory was when we did a fantasy quest exercise, in which we took students on a mythical journey that we planned so that they could learn how to write their own fantasy stories. It was deeply meaningful to see the impact that we had on the kids, as one student’s mother came up to us and told us how much her daughter looked forward to the class.