Omoleye Eusebio

What leadership skills (that you learned at KHK) helped you navigate college?

There are many skills that I’ve acquired and strengthened through KHK that have helped me navigate college. The first few that come to mind would be proactive thinking and attitude as well as confidence. College affords you with a lot of freedom, but can be a bit overwhelming and daunting. With so many choices to make and things to learn, it could be hard to find which doors to walk through that would lead you down the path of achieving your dreams. Because of the skills I was able to cultivate through KHK, I entered college with a sure sense of self and proactive ways to turn my dreams into action.

What is your favorite memory or experience with KHK?

One of my earliest memories of KHK was helping sort all the toy and gift donations at the Salvation Army in the week leading up to our big Gift of Giving event. For hours after school, my sister and I would join a group of people to sort and organize all the donations received, and it’s one of my favorite memories for several reasons. Despite the long days of work and school, there was always a thrum of joy in the air for everyone. There would be Christmas music playing in the background, lots of chatter, and sometimes even pizza. As a small child who loved Christmas, it brought me so much joy just being able to help others celebrate one of my favorite holidays. By the end of the project, my feet were so sore, but my heart was so full.

Did you continue service while in college? If out of college, do you participate in community service?

Recently, I’ve been volunteering with a few organizations that tackle food injustices within the DMV community. A majority of the time, I volunteer with organizations called Miriams's Kitchen and Aracadia’s Farm. Miriam’s Kitchen uses a comprehensive approach to aid in eliminating the housing crisis in DC through the use of some of the most delicious, healthy, made-from-scratch meals to gather and connect those who are homeless with personalized social services that assist them with rebuilding their lives. Arcadia’s farm is a farm that is dedicated to increasing access to healthy, farm-fresh food in underserved neighborhoods while also promoting and educating people about sustainable and environmentally conscious farming methods.