Birthday Bash

Birthday Bash

Billy and Jack Schulz were the brainchild behind this event back in 2009 and led this project for 4 years. The Birthday Bash is now a KHK quarterly event run by some of our amazing current ambassadors.

Quarterly Birthday Bash

Can you think of one of the most important celebrations a child might want to experience? Yup, their birthday.  Yet, there are children who live among us, whose families don’t have the resources or family structure to be able to give that special gift to their little ones. Would you like to do something about that?

Our lead ambassadors, Ali and Tyler Marzen invite you to come to Inspirica and be a part of a very special celebration for resident kids whose birthdays fall in the last three months.  We will have loads of games to play, sweet treats to eat, songs to sing and general fun that you can make happen yourself with a child.  It is going to be a great event and we hope you can be part of this special evening — you will make a real difference in the lives of these kids. The hardest part of the time we spend with the kids is when we have to say goodbye.

There are so many ways to be involved: playing  games; reading to the younger kids, setting up the food table; picture taking, making sure every child has a volunteer friend to have some fun. We don’t always know who will be joining us, so there is a bit of spontaneity involved which makes it fun too. We encourage your ideas for games as well, but don’t worry, we’ll have game supplies there too.  We hope you can bring your smiling faces, your willingness to roll up your sleeves and the desire to make a child feel very special.

Project History

Billy and Jack Schulz were the brainchild behind this event back in 2009 and led this project for 4 years. They designed the flow of the event, came up with the games, idea of making cards, movie tickets for the older kids that wold not attend the party and the youth making the cupcakes. We promoted every party so KHK volunteers would help make the event special and even have a DJ at some of the parties. In November 2013, they handed this project over to Youth Ambassadors, Megan Hagarty and Reilly Marzen and in May 2016, Reilly, Tyler and Ali Marzen took the reins over with Judy Marzen as our Adult Facilitator! Thank you for all you do to make this special event a success for all the kids that attend!

Want to Help Sponsor a Party?

We need money for games, refreshments, food, arts & crafts, paper goods, movie tickets for the older kids and more. Please help and donate for this wonderful event.

Curtis Troeger, Director of Children’s Services, Inspirica shares the impact we make:

“The KHK Birthday Bash has made a significant impact on the residents of Inspirica. Their presence alone makes kids feel special in circumstances where “special” is desperately needed. Despite their difficult circumstances, the Birthday Bash helps to alleviate the level of stress by providing a happy, healthy outlet for youthful energy. Our kids can just be kids and we are so grateful for their support.”

Project Registration

Next Birthday Bash: TBD

Time: TBD

Location: Inspirica, 141 Franklin Street, Stamford, CT

Note: Due to the Inspirica confidentiality policy, Stamford Public School students may not register for this event. Please consider baking cupcakes instead.


We would like to have at least 2 people making 24 nut free cupcakes each. This is a great way to be involved even if you can’t attend. Please register, fill out your info and just click on the option to donate cupcakes.