Confidence Through Acting

Confidence Through Acting

This project will run weekly to teach local kids acting and dancing skills while also helping them build confidence through developing their stage presence.

Project Information

This project will be held at The Stamford Boys and Girls Club weekly through November. Lead Ambassadors Stella and Olivia will be teaching the kids an introduction into theater and dance while also helping kids develop confidence through building their stage presence.

Project History

On October 17th, 2017 lead ambassador, Mary, launched a new project called Confidence Through Acting to share her passion for acting with others! Mary introduced herself to the group of 12 children at the Boys & Girls Club and shared that she was once a shy girl, but has since learned to come out of her shell after becoming involved in theatre productions at school. She wanted to share her love of acting and demonstrate how fun it can be when you let go of any doubt and live in the moment. There was lots of laughing and silly giggles as the KHK volunteers engaged the children with funny games and improv skits. It was a great debut! We will be back!