Food for Friends

Food for Friends

Looking to make a difference in your community during quarantine? Join KHK Ambassadors as they lead food collection sites to benefit families served by Person to Person, a community agency in Fairfield County!

Project History

Youth Advisory Council member, Kayla, has been thinking a lot about the children and families who are facing food insecurity during the pandemic.  She wanted to make a concerted effort to address the issue head-on and so she reached out to Jen B. and Hannah to share a wonderful idea. Kayla offered to start a food collection in her neighborhood. All of the items collected would then go to stock the food pantry at Person-to-Person. We loved the idea so much that we thought we would get the entire KHK community involved.

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Collecting Through:
July 2020
Drive-Thru Car Parade:
July 23rd

Project Information


In order to collect as much food as possible, we are hoping to engage as many KHK families as possible. This is a wonderful family activity that requires guidance and support from a KHK parent.

  1. Please distribute the mailbox flyer to everyone in your neighborhood.
  2. Your neighbors will either drop off the food at the top of your driveway or you can decide to visit each neighbor on a specific day. (You decide which method of collection is best for you. Make sure you wear your facemask and that you have a parent with you.)
  3. Food must be sorted prior to drop off. Please sort food by category—all canned goods in one bag, pasta/rice in another, etc.

Time frame:

The food drive will run until September 2020, with monthly drop-off car parades

Drive-Thru Car Parade:

4th Thursday of every month at 1:30pm
1864 Post Road
Darien, CT 06820

  • Once you enter the driveway, you will be directed to a place in the parking lot where you can pull up and pop the trunk. A P2P volunteer will unload the groceries from your car. You will not need to exit the vehicle.
  • Our social media assistant will be taking a live video and pictures. Please wear your KHK T-shirt when you drop off the food.   We also encourage you to decorate your car  (paint, posters).  The sky’s the limit!  Posters could say something like:  “KHK & P2P – Stronger Together”, “KHK – working to address food insecurity”

Mailbox Flyer

Most Needed Items