Fun with Science

STEM for Girls

This project works to inspire girls by looking at women who have made an impact in STEM fields and
providing them with engaging, hands-on activities

Project Information

This project is being led by Lead Ambassador Abby. Abby re-imagined this science program to reflect her desire to inspire girls by looking at women who have made an impact in STEM fields. Abby's STEM for girls project will consist of labs/activities and lessons about specific topics in STEM. For 2 of the 8 sessions, she has arranged for there to be guest speakers who will talk about their work.

Project History

This project was started in 2017 by Sarah who wanted to share her passion for experimenting with others.  Here's her story:

"My name is Sarah and I am in 6th grade, and I love experimenting! I led my first project in April and the kids at the Boys and Girls Club, Yerwood Unit loved it! They kept asking us if we would come again the next day. Typically, we meet with three groups of students, with approximately 20 students in a group. We use the scientific method to make an educated guess, form a hypothesis, plan our experiment and then test the hypothesis in our lab!  I have enjoyed doing lots of homemade science crafts for a while. I want to continue doing this fun science project called SLIME because I want to have other kids be able to enjoy this activity as much as I do!”