Knowing Growing

Knowing Growing

This project was started to teach kids about sustainable living and gardening practices and to help promote urban gardening.

Project Info


This project is being led by local high school students Rhea and Neha, with help from Westport TUGI. This project is open to students in grades 1-8.


Knowing Growing is a project to teach kids about sustainable living and environmental research through gardening. Our objective is to create community gardens for schools, housing communities and local nonprofits. Many children live in ‘food deserts’ or areas where fresh, organic food is not very accessible to them. Bringing vertical and hydroponic gardens to local schools and nonprofits will not only allow children to learn about sustainable living and environmental research but will also allow them access to a healthier diet and will lead them towards a life-long habit of healthy eating.


Join this bi-weekly gardening project to learn more about nature, gardening, and environmental issues! This project will meet virtually via ZOOM every other Monday from 5:00 - 6:00 pm. Local TUGI members will lead each class with fun at-home projects, guest speakers and more! We hope to switch this project to in-person in the Spring (if COVID is under control) so that we can use all the knowledge we've gained during our lessons and work hands-on to build a community garden!


Every Other Monday
January 25th - April 5th
5:00 - 6:00 pm

**All necessary project materials will be supplied to participants before the start of the project**

If you are in grades 1-8 and would like to participate please sign up below!