Notes of Hope


Date: February - April

Time: Your Schedule

Location: At Home (virtual)


Register as a card maker - pledge to design 20 Notes of Hope

*As part of our Giving Day pledge, we promise to make a handmade card for every $10 donation we receive.  Giving Day this year is on Thursday, February 25th. KHK volunteers will be making cards remotely all day as the donations roll in! Join our card making team now! Pick-up instructions for our custom Notes of Hope templates will be provided after registration.


Do you enjoy expressing your creativity through art? Notes of Hope is a great project to do at home by yourself or with siblings. All you need is crayons or markers and your imagination!

Kids Helping Kids has partnered with Berni & Murcer to carry on this project's legacy. Children in Berni & Murcer's program will be the recipients of our Notes of Hope for 2021.  

You can change the world by becoming an important part of a child's healing journey following a cancer diagnosis by joining the Berni & Murcer - with your Notes of Hope!  Every child they help receives a “Comfort Backpack” filled with Berni & Murcer – Friends for LifeTM items developed with input from child psychologists, educators and medical professionals, created not just to entertain and distract the child from what they’re going through—but to comfort them, inspire them, and give them hope.  The "Comfort Backpack" includes a soft and cuddly, plush Bernese Mountain Dog (Berni) companion who wears a special harness. This harness has a specially designed pouch just for KHK's Notes of Hope! Your custom designs and inspirational messages will be placed into these pouches when a child is receiving a treatment, getting a test done or just needs a little reminder that they are strong! These messages and fun illustrations will help those battling cancer remember they are strong and that they are not alone! Help us deliver smiles to those that need it most - register now to be a Notes of Hope card maker.


Berni & Murcer – Friends for Life (BMFL) provides emotional support, comfort, inspiration, and encouragement to children (and their families) with life threatening illnesses at all stages of their journeys to get well—from the treatment phase, to recovery, to wellness maintenance and the child's re-entry into the community through its "Comfort Backpack" program.  The multi-dimensional program is designed to improve the child's overall social and emotional well-being.  With the normalcy of imaginative and interactive childhood play, BMFL generates a renewal of inspired hope and increase of energy in the child to fight his or her illness, gain the strength and desire to persevere through the rigors of treatment, and increase their coping ability to receive life enriching after-care.  BMFL transforms children away from being “cancer patients”, to a recognition of their own self-identity, personal growth, and a healthy outcome.


This project was started in 2017 by Grace who wanted to help brighten the day of children in the hospital. Here is her story:

“My name is Grace Targonski and I started Caring with Grace when I was 12 years old. I help children affected by cancer in many different ways. One of the things I do to bring a smile to pediatric cancer patients in this difficult time is to bring them homemade cards.  It helps their self-esteem and lets them know that other people are supporting them in their journey. I hope you can help me by making some encouraging cards."

Card Writing Tips

Make Your Cards Generic: Making a card that is suitable for either a boy or a girl
Decorate with Crayons, Markers or Watercolors: Patients enjoy receiving colorful cards from well-wishers. However, please do not use glue to add any items to your card — this includes glitter, feathers and other seemingly non-hazardous items. Stickers are superb.
Neutral Messages Are Best: Because some patients may have already been in the hospital a very long time, and are struggling to keep up their spirits, we ask that you use neutral messages. Avoid Specific Spiritual or Holiday References.
Messages That Help:
  • Thinking of you
  • Just want to say Hi!
  • Wishing you the best
  • Sending you sunny smiles
  • Sending good wishes for you
  • Sending “take care” wishes
  • Sending comforting thoughts
  • Wishing a rainbow for you
  • Hope to brighten your day
  • Stay strong
  • You are awesome
  • Never forget how amazing YOU are
  • I hope you have a great day today
  • You shine brighter than the sun
  • You inspire me
  • Be Brave
  • I believe in YOU


Signing: Sign your first name on the card or sign from Kids Helping Kids.